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   Van Fleet Greater New Testament Baptist Church           7409 Calhoun Rd @ Van Fleet St.                  Church Ph.# 713-738-6386             The Church Where Everybody Is Somebody,                   But Jesus Christ Is King

Message About Our Pastor and Assistant-Pastor

Pastor Alves Lafleur has a tremendous passion for God’s word coupled
with a love for God’s people. He has a loving spirit of generosity that flows through every facet of his ministry. Having received his mandate from God, Pastor Lafleur, obediently fulfills his calling as Senior Pastor of Van Fleet Greater New Testament Baptist Church.

He was called into the ministry in 1975 under the leadership of Rev O.
Wilson. He shared the gospel of Christ in Houston and many other Cities. In 1988, he was called to the pastorate of Van Fleet Greater New Testament Baptist Church. He came not on his own, but in the name of the one that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worked in us.  Because of his preaching and teaching, Greater New Testament is making a difference in the lives of its parishioners and the community. Pastor Lafleur is an anointed man of God, and God is using him to make a change in the lives of the people.

His vision is uncompromising clear, with one central principle; to build and develop a kingdom of an empowered people for God. Holding firmly to the commissioned mandate in “Matthew 28:18-20, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations”. His vision is all so to build a new worshiping center here in South Park.

Pastor Lafleur has been blessed to have his brother, Rev. Raymond Lafleur to come and work alongside of him. He is very grateful to have him, together they makes a dynamic ministry team, they are dedicated servants of God, working  to make Van Fleet Greater New Testament a place of refreshing. Together they are inviting you to come and worship with us.


Glory Be To God....

We praise God here at Greater New Testament for the many blessings and miracles that has happened to many of His people.

We don't just come to praise God, but there is a special reason we do praise Him. We praise Him because we believe in His healing hands.  We believe in Him giving us prosperity in everyway we need, whether it's in Health, in Spiritual things or Prosperity in financial situations.  We believe He is able to do what He promise.

There are many here that we can call on for a testimony, sharing how God has healed them in special ways.

If we were to ask Sis. Ella Hawkins, she would say that, "Even though an anerisym happened to me, God healed me and I'm in my right mind, so that's why I praise Him."

If we were to ask Sis. MaShelle Williams, has God delivered her from anything? She would say, "Yes, God delivered me from health and emotional problems. And I can testify I'm richer Spiritually now than I've ever been and that is because of the spiritual doctrine from my Pastor."

And if we ask Sis. Mary Frank, Has God healed her from any disease? She would say that, "the doctor said that I was in stage 4 cancer in my throat, but now I'm healed, cancer free and back singing in the choir and that's why I praise Him!"

We don't just praise Him for the healings, because some He decided to bring home out of this chaotic world and we prasie Him because we know that He could've healed them but He chose not to.

So why do we praise Him? Because He's worthy to be praised. We praise Him also for the redemptive work that He done on the cross for us.

So if you think this is worth praising Him, why dont you come and praise Him with us!!

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